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IURII KONONOV, 1948, Saint Petersburg, Russia

After graduating from the Leningrad Art School, I studied drawing, sketch, painting and composition at The Russian Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg and sufficiently fulfilled my PhD studies. 1976 I became a member of the Young Artist Academy and was working as an art and painting teacher with focus on oil, water colour and perspective paintings.

Since 1980th I have been an active artist working in different styles, including portrait, interiors, landscape and still lifes, most painted in oil. I have also worked in sgraffito technique, which is a technique of wall decor, produced by applying layers of plaster tinted in contrasting colours to a moistened surface.

During late 1990th I became CEO at “Renaissance Ltd”, focusing on restorations of museum work of art such as paintings, portraits, furniture and fabrics. During my time as CEO I have also made copies of Alexander Bryullov works for the National Pushkin Museum in Saint Petersburg.

I am also a member of the Union of Artists in Saint Petersburg. Sinse 2000th I have been participating in international exhibitions both in Russia and Europe. 

Today I am active in Sweden, getting inspired by the beauty of the Swedish four seasons.

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